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My Sc430 Thoughts

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After 14K miles and two years.... Overall I no-longer consider the SC430 a sports car. It is a very fine, very reliable, high quality, innovative, high value SPORTY car. It is not a sports car like a Porsche, Vette, MGB, Alpha Romeo, etc.

I'm very happy with mine though! Also, according to Edmunds SC430 owner reviews 95% of american SC430 owners are very happy with their cars....

The only complaints and suggestions are...

1. Air Conditioned front seats.. would be especially nice on hot days with top down

2. Ability to lower or raise rear side windows with top up or down.

3. Radio antenna should not go up when using CD player, like the SC400...

4. I hear some very soft light rattles and subtle noises from various roof areas when roof is up... perfectly understandable in a complicated electric hard top roof... it's not annoying to me at all, and I don't notice it when sound system is on... When roof is up or down in the last few months, I'm occasionally hearing a very quiet soft squeak. I can't tell where it's coming from. It doesn't bother me much though....

5. Offer inflatable spare, tire repair kit, or more room for spare in the trunk or underneath car. The Bridgestone run flats are especially awful after 5K to 7K miles!!!!

As far as the suspension, I was told by my Lexus dealer that the suspension in general from Lexus/SC430 for American cars vs British cars have different specs. They said that the american car's suspension are different. Designed for american roads vs. british driving. Overall I'm happy with my SC430 handling and ride. I'm just not pleased with the Bridgestone run flats starting at about 7,000 miles because of lack of grip and they're too noisey, and harsh ride... definitely not good for the suspension.... So, I'm looking forward to changing to Pirelli PZERO non-run flat tires soon...

If any SC430 owners have any of these issues or other ideas, I'l enjoy heraing from you....

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B) Overall I have found the SC 430 a great venture. I came out of a 6 year old Porshe 911 and its nice to cruise on for 6 hours in peace and quiet, knowing you will arrive rested.

I agree that the SC is not a Porsche but I get more thumbs up on this car than the more common 911.

Overall I link it to a MB SL 500 for 35 grand less. My Sc is a keeper.


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