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Manheim? Is It Legit?


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I'm new to this site and had a few questions...

I went to a used car dealership to get a 2006 is250. Strangely enough he seemed really honest... It was strange cause I showed up, he took a copy of my drivers license, threw me the keys and said check it out, I'll be here. I walked out to the car thinking he would follow me, but he didn't. I went back and said....uhm you coming and he said nope, you'll be fine on your own!!!

After I drove the car and checked everything, i came in and said, i'm not paying your price. He said fine, i hate to haggle.....

He then went and started showing me how much he paid for the car, the check he wrote out (said i could look at his quickbooks) for the car and brought up the kelly blue book online. Ofcourse I told him, well all these documents could be fabricated. But the most amazing thing, IF ITS LEGIT, was that he showed me the website, www.manheim.com and said these are the real prices used car dealers are paying for the car and this is how he decides on the bottom price he can give. Is the manheim site legit??? Cause the prices for the car was way below the invoice sheet i got from


Is MANHEIM auctions where the dealers actually bid for the cars they sell, if so I might have found one of the most honest car dealers :D

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Sad to say that I just totaled my '06 IS250. My previous two IS's have been through private parties, but I wanted to see if anyone had experiences with buying through Manheim Auction. Is it really that inexpensive and worth it? If anyone knows of a trusted dealer to go through, please PM his/her information. I'm in the LA area. Much appreciated.

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Glad to hear you found a very honest dealer. Manheim is totally legit, as I was the used car director for a pretty big auto group. There is nothing wrong with showing a customer what dealers are paying for the cars as long as the customer understands that they ARE going to make a profit 99% of the time. I also work for a very highly regarded Lexus dealer in the Cleveland/Akron area if anyone on here needs info.

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