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Replaced Driver Side Door Handle


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I've had the part for at least a month now but the weather has been so cold I haven't attempted it. Yesterday I took the car to a friend of mine's place and was able to work on it in a heated shop. Plus he has an awesome set of Snap-on tools. Nice gun collection as well.

I used the instructions off of the Lexls.com site. They really made the job a lot more straight forward. I believe I could have gotten it done but there would of been a lot more trial and error to the job.

Only two more cosmetic/convenience projects left to do, new antenna (already have the parts) and remove and possibly replace the window tint.

I can already tell this is going to be a very satisfying repair.


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I got a brand new one from Park Place Lexus (actually, both handles for the driver's side of the car). The front was $135 and the rear $88. I specified the color when I ordered, Flint Grey 180, a color I don't believe is used anymore. Although it took a while, both handles match almost perfectly (after 300,000+ miles the paint has faded some!).

I am happy with the price, parts and results.

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