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Overdrive Issue Need Experienced Help


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Ok best to explain my over drive occasionally engages but..when it does it downshifts it back out... ive took it to some bone head mechanics and they dont know a whole lot... when it downshifts it back out the cruise control will disable... and have to restart the car to reset it.. any suggestions would be helpfull .. also my temp gauge doesnt work.. and curious if that could have something to do with it cause i heard it wont shift into OD without being 150 degrees or more.. and input would be great ... thanks in advance

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well i bought it and the O/D button was kinda funny so i looked at it and it appeared that the O/D is always ungaged all the button does is complete the circuit to disengage it so i dont think thats it.. and if it was torque converter lockup how would i know... and i got no check engine light i scaned for tranny and engine codes .. came up emtyp

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