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Contacting Members / Moderators?


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Hello everyone,

I've tried to email or PM this question to a moderator but I'm unable to use those features for some reason. I'm have a stereo problem with my '98 LS400, searched and found a post from another user who seems to have had a very similar issue. The member has been inactive for a few months so I'd like to email them personally if possible. Is there anyway I can make this happen?

My question regards a post by "bridgh20"


"After owning the car for over 5 years now and no problems we are having a problem with the radio of all things.

If we turn the stereo volume control past about the 10 o'clock position, the sound cuts in and out until we turn the volume back below the 9 o'clock position. We replaced the amplifier under the pasenger seat and no improvement.

Has anyone else had this occur and if so, what was your solution?"


If anyone can help with regards to the problem or contacting this member I'd appreciate it.



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