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Gs300 No Heat -------10 Below In Here

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1993 GS300, Turn on the heat works fine, after about 10 mins heat goes cold, 10 minutes later heat goes back to hot? now I am just estimatimg the 10 mins but heat is hot then cold then hot......I added anti freeze yesterday, but still have the same problem??????

If you're losing antifreeze somewhere sounds like you have bigger problems than just no heat.

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There is a good chance that it’s a bad thermostat. The thermostat might not be closing properly. If the thermostat doesn’t close then you will get hot air, the coolant will cool, then it will rebuild slowly and you will get a small amount of heat and it will continue to do this.

How is your temperature needle? This should tell you if the thermostat is working properly.

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temp needle seems to be working fine but I did notice that my rad fan has been coming on allot more than normal.

What you need to do is find out at what temperature the fan should turn on. Then start the car up and see when the fan actually comes on. It would be more accurate if you had a scanner which could get in the computer and display all the information digitally. With this you could see the exact temperature the fan turns on.

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