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Drivers Door Won't Open From Outside


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First time posting here, but have read a ton of posts. Not too knowledgeable about cars, but have found a lot of helpful posts that have allowed me to save some money.

My problem is my drivers side door won't open from the outside. I took off the door panel and found that the door actuator rod had fallen out. There was a yellow clip on the top of it that broke. I got a replacement part from Toyota, but I've been unsuccessful in my attempts to reattach the rod. There's not a lot of room to work with and it seems like the hole is too small for the clip and rod. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



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I just went through that with my passenger side door. Same problem with the clip breaking and being unable to open from the outside. Whats the part number for the clip you bought. It took me a while to finally reattach mine. From what I remember you have to press somewhat hard to get the rod into that hole. The end of that rod snaps & locks into that hole. Took a lot of patience for me to fit the clip back on. Atleast 45 min to 1 hour of trying and it is a very tight area to work in.

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Thanks for the reply. I'm not sure of the part number, I just took the old clip to Toyota and the parts guy knew exactly what it was. I compared them and it's definitely the same clip. I got really frustrated Monday when I was trying to attach it for well over an hour. I tried five or six different ways of attaching it and nothing worked. Really tried forcing it, but to no avail. I took the clip back off and looked at it and the top of it was bent back a bit. I've also read on here about people breaking the rod when trying to reattach it, so I'm trying to be careful.

I'll probably give it another try this afternoon and then just take it in if I can't get it. Will Toyota fix it or do I need to venture out to the Lexus dealership?

Thanks again for the reply!

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Call your local toyota dealer (not lexus) and tell them you need a yellow outside door handle rod clip.

The are ~50 cents apiece. Lexus will only sell the complete handle for $125

Compliments for SanDiego

Took off the other door panel and realized the end to the rod goes way up top. Hard to see if your not looking way up there in the top corner. Doesn't give you much room to work or even to see. Took off the yellow clip so I know what I need. When I searched this subject someone said the part number for the plastic clip that holds the door actuator rod into the outside door handle. Driver's side part #69293-12060 passenger side part #69293-12050. They said they paid $4.77 plus tax from the Toyota dealer ship.

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