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04 Es330 Was It A Good Year?


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I'm looking at a clean, 04 ES330, loaded with all options. It has really low mileage (20k). I owned a 97 ES300 that my daughter still drives and it is a wonderful car. Can the same be said of the 04? I know it was the first year of the 330. Were there any year-specific issues with this car that they cleaned up in 05-06?

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I have an ES330 04'. The transmission was fixed for this year from the pervious 02-03 models. Other than that, the only problems I've had are with the steering knuckle and a minor dash problem. Both were fixed under my extended warranty. I've put 57K miles and it still runs strong. The paint is known for chipping but most people know that about Toyota and Lexus vehicles.

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