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Need To Find Tuning Shop In Ny Area!

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Ive heard some good things about Auto Masters of Westchester. If your willing to go over the bridge this would be a good place to go. It?s a nice facility. I never personally got my car dynod there because they are more of the import scene. They do a lot of sti's and jap cars so I doubt they would have a problem with your car. Depending on where you are in Long Island this shop is probably 20 minutes over the Whitestone bridge. Its in Mamaroneck if your familiar with Westchester.

Here is their website :: http://www.automasterofwestchester.com

Yeah Long Island does have a lot of American muscle dynos. Im actually going to mustang magic once i get the new transmission in my stang this spring.

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I got rear-ended also in my GS400 last year. I used a shop in Ronkonkoma called Innovative Auto (Ronkonkoma, NY). I believe the owner's name is Bud. They did good work on my car at the time.


I also used a place called Auto-fix (Bohemia, NY)when I used to have my Acura Legend. The owners name is Anthony. They also do good work.


Both good places...check them out.

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