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Sorta New With The Sc400


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Hey im new to the forum and ide like to say hello to everyone.

ill first start off with the car..

i recieved the car for free from my uncle.. yea.. free.. prolly think im spoiled n all but nope.. a month or 2 ago i searching for a car, mainly a 97+ Honda prelude manual and my uncle popped out of nowhere n said "oh your looking for a car, ill give you the lexus" in my mind i was thinking.. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :censored: " because it had lots of problems.. but now im chill about it.

the car is.. greenish purple.. kinda has a pearlesent type paint (SP) oil leaks, tranny oil leaks, both windows dont work, AC doesnt work, leaking exhaust, bubbly tint, fogging head light, door panels are comming off, climate controll dash + Sterio dash is bad and blacking, radiator leaking, rat !Removed! inside the engine bay, n more i think..

so far my brother and i..

Replaced the Controll on the driver side door panel

Replaced the broken door handle on the passengers ide

drain n fill the engine oil + Replace oil filter

Drain n fill Tranny + change tranny filter + Gasket

Polished + Delined the headlights + Blackened the housing

Changed bulbs to Silvania Ultras

Replace left side whole door panel

Replace climate control + Sterio control

cleaned it up and washed the car (Car prolly hasnt been washed for YEARS!)

got a intake Cone filter + Converter and intake duct it.

tried to remoce tint and failed.

n i think thats it so far.

plans are..


replace fuil filter

change the other fluids

remove tint and retint all windows

exhaust work???


Vertex Body kit (replica)

maybe bomex spoiler

repaint Pearl White


but anywas aside from what i just said is there any other things i didnt mention i need to take a look at that is cheap to replace? cuz im on a limit buget since.. i dont work... kid still in highschool... yea.... just making the best of what hes got.. next year college... heh..

but yea thanks for any help.

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You have done a lot of work. These cars usually have power steering fluid leaks at 75,000-100,000mi. If yours has one see if you can get a rebuild kit as replacement is expensive. Make sure you put in only toyota type (4) transmission fluid. I use mobil 1 engine oil but others use amsoil etc. I would flush the brake lines and put in new brake fluid and check the pads and rotors. For replacement parts check Ebay as often they have cars that are being parted out. Also check the detailing forums on this site. I'd wash the exterior, follow with a clay bar, polish and wax. For the interior if the seats are dirty, try 1 part woolite in 5-7 parts water and lightly go over it with a Mr. Clean magic eraser and finish with a leather conditioner like lexol. If you have any major problems you could always go to a lexus dealer and have a certification inspection for about $100. Good Luck

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right now.. the major problem is the window..

It used to go down n not up.. not it doesnt go up or down.

but hopefully that gets fixed n my AIT Racing Vertex Style kit gets put on soon =[

after that.. bondo the minor dents n put on my OEM spoiler...

about paint. what should i do?

repaint the car with the OEM color? (Metallic Green)

Or paint it Pearl White.

im leaning towards the pearl white because it hides dents much better and since i live in Corona, CA.. summer gets pretty hot out here.

and yea ill check the break fluid and lines later.

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