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I recently had my timing belt, tensioners, water pump, transmission flush, air and oil filter change and had an electrical "Fuel Trim Error" corrected.

The fuel trim error was a broken wire that they said was repaired.

Anway, long story made long, I went to Autozone to get some SimpleGreen to clean my plastics and eventually the metal under the hood. When I removed the fan belt cover (the very first cover you come to under the hood that directs air to the air filter), I noticed that there were 2 screws and a strip of metal that was pristine clean while everything else around it is not. There is also a wire that is not plugged in.

Can you help me identify this and possibly give me some advice as to how best to resolve this situation? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have ordered a manual and it has not arrived yet, and if this is urgent (I don't know my car that well yet), I would really appreciate some advice.

95 LS400 147K.

Thanks for the help in advance!







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