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Wow, what a world out here for Lexus owners. It's great to see such a following and hear of all these stories and happy owners. I just purchased a 1999 LS 400 with 58,000 miles on it and couldn't be happier. My wife and I were looking for a sporty car to drive to get away from our SUV's. We spent time looking at performance cars like the Corvette and other cars like the BMW 740il. After all that, the 290ish HP LS 400 has it all, speed, room, class and great fuel economy.

Keeping it stock is an option, what about after market tint and larger wheels and rims?

Comments appreciated.


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More value in stock. The windows are factory tinted, and since you got to have some care less idiot in your car to do it, I say no.  Wheels everyone does it be different and just drive it as it is from the factory. And why spend more money on something not needed and in the end has zero value. 58K miles just keep it nice and you will have something special. That's a good find for the right price. Sedans are for driving, find a sporty 2 door car to do the aftermarket crap to.

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Hi Irascals and welcome to the forum

I must that you made up the right choice! and 58k miles is pretty new some pics of the car would be great, and as Bob said it is best to keep it at stock and remain at stock, you can always invest in replacing OEM parts in the engine bay and keep your car as new as possible

The first thing you should consider buying is the ODBII diagnostic code reader, it will help you alot

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