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Conditioning Leather In The Cold...

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I here that conditioner works great when the seats are warm but its really cold here and Im not sure if its worth the effort to put it on. I just bought some Meguiars Gold Class™ Leather Cleaner & Conditioner and plan to use the woolite solution to clean it first. What do you suggest? Thanks!

Surface Temperature (Actual surface temperature of the vehicle, without direct sunlight) between 50 (10oC) and 80oF (26oC) products will work well within a much broader temperature range, i.e. 45° to 90° F (4.5-32oC) but at 45 degrees it will take much longer to dry, perhaps as much as two to three hours) but the best results will be achieved in the 60° to 70° F (15-21oC) range surrounding air temp (ambient or room) must be 55oF (12oC) + to ensure the minimum vehicle surface temperature of 50oF (10oC) which is recommended as a minimum by most car care product manufacturers

Leather cleaning / conditioning in 'cold' weather is just exercise for your arms

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It's freezing cold where I live, and I just did the conditioner treatment. First, I warmed up the cabin until it was nice and toasty.

Then *excersised* my arms and really worked the conditioner in really well.

Then cover the seats with plastic bags and left them on for several days, to make sure they got enough heat/sun to eventually work into the leather.

Wipe off.

Worked awesome! (Couldn't wait for summer)

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