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Sirius Or Xm Give Your Age


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I'm 65. Have XM in the house and in my RX330. Listen to Fox News, Frank's Place and Sunny. XM is great. They have several million more subscribers than Sirius. I hope XM does not merge with Sirius.

I'm a retired big city Police Commander, rock musician and a great singer. Yes, I know some of you are laughing now but it's ok. Have fun in life, and everyone, Take Care!!

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Sirius' rate of subscribers has been growing faster than XM's though since Howard Stern came on board.

XM and SIRIUS are merging, No new name has been chosen yet. I don't care for either and soon not to care about the new one. Throwing your $ into the air= ridiculous... IMHO...........TEHO

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Eh we'll see if the merger goes through, it has a lot of FTC and FCC hurdles to get over and there is precident for a merger of this type to be barred by the federal government. I'd say its 50/50 whether this happens and we may not know for sure until next year. It took almost a year for them to barr the DirectTV/Dish merger about 5 years ago.

Anyways its not really a merger, Sirius has contracted to acquire XM at a cost of something like $4.6 Billion in stock, Sirius' CEO Mel Karmazin will be CEO of the new company with XM chairman Gary Parsons remaining chariman. XM CEO Hugh Panero will be on the street after its final. All XM shareholders are recieving something like 4 shares of Sirius stock in exchange for every 1 share of their XM stock.

XM may have more surbscribers (about 1 million more) but Sirius has higher market value and is on the whole a lot healthier as a company. If this doesn't happen I don't know that XM...or even either of them will be around 5-6 years from now. HUGE debt and losses for both companies.

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