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New 2000 Rx 300 2wd


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so as you can see by the topic I just recently purchased a rx 300 for my wife. It's white with the tan interior and it's beautifull... This is my first Lexus and I can see that there is some great info on here! I'm a moderator on another forum for Accords so I'm not new to the whole forum thing and have read through a lot of the posts already but what I didn't see is information about the engine. Is this motor used in any other vehicles? so If I go looking for parts am I stuck to this particular SUV or can I look at other's?

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The RX300 is basically a Toyota Highlander; same engine, transmission, drive-line, etc. My experience with the Lexus dealer service has been poor. I've gotten the impression that the dealer here in Va. Beach thinks the Lexus owner is totally stupid and has a " bottomless pit " of financial wealth when it comes to service/repairs. I usually perform all of the maint. and repair on my wife's 2000 Rx300. If and when there is a problem I can't handle I will take it to one of the four Toyota dealers in the area. They work on many more vehicles than the Lexus dealer and charge MUCH less; Toyota owners usually don't " roll over and play dead " when it comes to vehicle service/repair. To test out this theory, just call a Lexus dealer and ask them how much a timing-belt replacement costs. The Toyota dealer charges about HALF, and the SAME parts are used. The owner of the ONLY Lexus dealer here also owns a Toyota dealership in this area. Guess which Toyota dealer refuses to service a Lexus, FOR ANYTHING!

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