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New Car Pulling Slightly To The Left

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I have about 1700 miles on my 2007 IS 250 AWD. It's been pulling slightly to the left, which is most noticeable on the highway. Is this caused by uneven tire pressure or alignment? I've never owned a car equipped with low profile tires and none of them look low. Also, (if it's not tire pressure) should I take it in now or wait till the 5000 mile service?



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The first thing would be to buy a good tire pressure guage and find out for sure if all 4 tires are up to spec on pressure. You can't really tell just by looking.

Tire pressure, the road surface of the left lane is also slightly tilted. I have also read some say the steering in the IS and other Lexus also make road changes noticable in the wheel. I have this issue as well but notice it happens to pull a tad right as well. I believe this is due to the low profile tires, road surface and the steering. I have 3200 miles on the car and will have the 5k very soon and will have the alignment checked @ the 5k service.

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