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Gps Generation 1

Boris Z.

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Well, I have 2000 GS300 with GPS.

It happened to be a GEN 1 system. That is where you have to update hard drive. you go to the dealer, pay him $400. They send it to the main office and call you back when update comes. then you pay another $93 for installation. All that plus tax comes to over $500. What is the worst is that the latest update for that system is July 2004. :angry:

Their explanation is that the hard drive is 1.6GB and the latest information is 2GB. It would not fit into existing hard drive, therefore the company stopped any update of the system. All that folks that bought GEN 1 system are now in the cold.

I wonder if any one can come up with idea how to implement an update, let's say 4G flash memory stick with the hard drive operating system, or any drive on that matter. Hmm... it could be made copy protected. but I really don’t care. I feel cheated by Lexus. Not only they stopped updating/servicing their product, they also charge over twice the price for the old system compare to new CD's. :angry:

Any suggestions? :(

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