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This is a list of problems from a previous post that I was having with my RX...

This is a list of what I sent to Lexus to have done at my next service…

1- I just had my RX in for service...I had complained about a popping noise while turning the wheel all the way to the right...this is because the tech had left the under cover loose the last oil change that I had before. The right front of the undercover has damage where it fell on the tire and I had to get out and push it back up...the undercover was screwed back up…but now makes a pop every time I turn the wheel all the way to right or hit a bump. I was told that the noise could not be duplicated the last time that it was in. I still here the noise when I am driving the car. (This was the Tech’s fault)

2- I received a recall notice about floor retaining clips. (Minor)

3- Lumbar support- the part was ordered for my RX and was sent a card that the part is in. Please keep the part until my next scheduled service 60,000 miles. (Lumbar went out drivers side seat)

4- Jerk in transmission- I had talked to a service tech and was told that the jerk and hesitation, that I was experiencing was normal. The thump when down shifting doesn’t seem normal to me; the transmission seems to shift at sometimes perfect and then sometimes very sporadic. (Not a huge deal…but it can be annoying)

5- Rattle in the dash / sunroof. When it is cold there is a constant rattle in the dash and sunroof of the car whenever I am driving slow over any bumps. It seems to be getting worse. (This drives me NUTS!!!!)

6- Ticking noise is coming from the engine when startup when it is cold out. I am pretty sure Lexus has a fix out for this. (Minor)

Most of this is not a major problem

I just got my RX back last night after driving a IS250awd for the past couple of days...and I have to say that I am HAPPY! :D :D :D

FIXED....REPAIRED...all! I am 110% satisfied and I have told everyone how great the service was. I was called and kept up to date...and I am thrilled with the way the transmission is after they did perform the flare. All rattles gone!!!!! They replaced the underbelly covering...fixed the ticking....

I am HAPPY...and I am sending them a card to the service dept...to Thank them...

Just thought I would share a great service experience...since we usually only read about the bad ones...

:D :D

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