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Grounding Kits

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Complete and utter waste of time; they defy the laws of physics in promoting them, and only those with no knowledge of electrical theory would purchase them.

I have seen only a few of those "kits" installed locally, and I laugh at them, and the owners.

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I agree, if you want to improve grounding buy some star washers and put those under the connections on your car. Will do exactly the same thing for less than $1 .... Just like monstor cables a complete waste of money. Current is current, proper cables will do the same thing.

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P.S. I do not agree with the notion to place star washers under any connections. The plating on virtually all the common hardware readily available in the US today, i.e. washers, screws, nuts, etc., is garbage when compared to that of the hardware specified by the engineers at Lexus.

I have seen cases where owners have tried to "improve" what the Japanese have already spent time perfecting only to create more problems. When a car is manufactured, often special plating and painting techniques are used to protect the conductivity of each connection point. This attention to detail, I.M.H.O., is difficult to duplicate and often overlooked.

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