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94 Es300 3500 Rpm Rev Limiter

Daniel B

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I have this 1994 ES300 that I have had since 150,000 miles. Ran great up until I hit 200,000 I bought a different car and it has been sitting not driven for the last month. I know thats not good to have it sit that long but I never have time to drive it. I took it out to drive the other day and when I drive it, it will rev up to 3500 rpm's and it seems like its hitting a rev limiter. The car stutters and shakes and never exceeds the 3500 rpm mark. It will hit that same rpm in every gear and seems to rev limit at 3500 in every gear. It has no check engine lights and runs like normal from idle to that mysterious 3500 rpms. Anyone have any ideas?

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