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Need Help Please! My Antenna Is Not Coming Up!


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My Lexus sc400 was starting fine for that last few months until suddenly the battery dies. I looked at everything and everything was off. No lights or anything that would drain it. Then I go to put the radio on, but the antenna makes a grinding noise, seeming like it does not want to come out or something, then it stops after the motor tries to push it out. Then I go in the trunk to look at the antenna and the motor. I see a loose cable there, but I can't find where it goes. The cable is black and looks exactly like the cable that goes in the tv with the little needle coming out, with threads as well. I look but I don't have a good view in there. The radio does not work in my car at ALL. As I am looking for the place where the cable is suppose to connect, I left the radio on as well, with no reception, just that annoying noise, to see if the radio comes on. But as i am doing this,(the car is not on, but I charged the battery all the way) the battery suddenly dies after a few minutes. I know it was going to dye eventually, but this is a brand new battery, and should last for a long time. Please HELP! I need to know where that cable goes, and if that is what is killing my cars battery??!?!!?!

Thank YOu

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Hey Mike,

Have you had the alternator checked to see if it's charging the system? If the alternator is charging then you may have a short somewhere. Not a good thing :cries: . Regarding the antenae cable, I'm not sure exactly where it goes but I'm guessing that it's somewhere near the top of the antenae housing in the trunk. I've got to change my antenae mast this week and if you don't get a more definitive answer by then, I'll check back and let you know exactly where it is....

Godd luck, :)


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