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99 Rx300 Tracking - May Help Someone Out There


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I have been plagued for the last few years with my 99 tracking to the right. Multiple Lexus dealers all gave me the same story...alignment is within specs...thanks for the $100!

I swapped tires, wheels, replaced and checked brakes and a ton of other things with no success.

I recently replaced the strut mounts and reinstalled the original struts and springs and cleaned everything.

The strut mounts were replaced exactly on the old alignment marks and the lower shock mount was set pretty close but not exact as it was before (two lower strut mount bolts).

My vehicle now tracts SLIGHTLY TO THE LEFT (opposite direction). This tells me that the camber has been my problem all along and the "within specs" is NOT good enough my 99RX. It has to be set precisely or it may track.

I recall two other persons in the past that said the specs were way too wide and it would cause problems on some RXs. The allowable range variance appears to be 1.5 degrees on each side and if I recall mine were marginal each time I was given a printout. Since they were within specs I do not think the mechanics ever bothered to adjust the camber to the preferred optimal setting since it is a pain to align and they had their "within spec" bs to fall back on. The toe-in or out is an easy adjustment.

I am taking my RX back in once I change the rack (steering too stiff) and I AM GOING TO GIVE THEM the values that I want it set to. Within Specs will not be acceptable to me anymore!

QUESTION....I have found TWO different values listed in two manuals for a 99RX which really bothers me since both are supposed to be LEXUS original manuals. I have one that lists the preferred setting at -.33 with a range of -1.08 to +.42 Any confirmation?

Anyone have an alignment done recently with their printouts listed? I am looking to see if I kept my old ones.


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