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My Outdated Alignment Caused Inside Worn Out Badly


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Hi folks,

I need to catch up some good advice... well, the alignment was off.. for a ??? while... a long time I guess... a alignment inspection today shown that the front total toe is -0.18 degree (Specified is -0.10 deg)

Well.. anyway.. I took pictures from the front... as you can see the front passenger side and front driver side... the inside thread worn out quicker than the outside... Just from the pictures, how many more miles can I ride these tires on??

(ok.. so this bad worn out only happens to the front tires... of my IS300 2002). Thanks advice.....



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None, those tires need to be replaced immediately. I personally believe in always replacing tires in sets of fours, but if your budget is tight and the rears are okay you can always just replace the fronts. Remember to always put the new tires on the rear axle.

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I took the car to Lexus dealership/service for oil change every 5000mi and I am now wondering why didn't the service folk even give me a feedback on the tire wear issue... The last time it was performed an oil change at 25,000mi so I am quite disappointed with the service center/dealership at my area... (colma , california)

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