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Replace Rear Oxygen Sensor

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I need to replace my oxygen sensor in my 93 GS300 because its throwing a code for it. I tried removing it but cant figure out how to take it out. I know how to remove the oxygen sensor itself but where does the wire lead to? I removed the grommet on the underbody of the car but the wire goes further up to where I can’t access it. Is the wire connection under the floor mat in the interior of the car? This is the only thing I could think of. Any ideas on how to remove the rear O2 sensor?

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Well I pulled the carpet up and took the seat partially out and there the connector was. Well I found out I have the California emissions system in my car. Im in NY and my boss bought the car at a local dealership so I don’t see why it would have this. I guess the car was imported in California? Well I had to go to the auto parts store and buy another oxygen sensor which was $40 more than the one i bought previously. The California o2 sensor has four connectors instead of one.

Another thing is the EGR temp sensor which is only on California models which i have.

Are there any differences between the California system and the federal system? This is only emissions related right? Does the California model have slightly lower power due to emission equipment?

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California legal systems differ slightly from what is required in the other 49 states. The differences vary by car.

The only real difference I can find on the California model is that the downstream O2 sensor, yes the one you are working on, is heated.


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