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White Thick Smoke From Exaust - Bad Smell Too.


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Lexus began blowing thick white smoke from exhaust and smell terrible. Wife was scared and begged for mechanic help close to location so ... gave way. They kept it one month and again begged to purchase new $1800.00 ECU (Main Computer). Refused and auto wouldn't even start once insisted pickup so had it towed to home for personal T/S'g.

Researched this forum / others and closest answer (considering no water in oil) was possible bad gasoline or slight diesel mix within. Took chance and poured bottle of alcohol in tank, bottle of injector cleaner and filled up at closest gas station with high grade premium gas. Long shot but ... fixed it.

White gas literally went away within next few miles along with smell. Continues running month later now without any indication of problem. Oh, did have to buy new battery because of last shop.

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