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Bought A Preowned 05 Es330 - Few Questions

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I recently bought a 05 ES330 with Nav (without ML). Love the car but miss MP3 capability and ML sound! I read several threads going over the aftermarket adaptors (VAIS, Denison DICE) that can be installed to connect an IPOD. Can the IPOD be controlled by the NAV touch screen? I installed a Pioneer AVIC-D2 in my LX450 a few years ago and I can access the folders and the songs by touching the NAV screen....sweet! Can you do the same with either the VAISTECH or the DICE adaptor? Specifically, can you scan through different playlists and choose songs by touch screen? If the above two adaptors cannot do this then is there any other adaptor that allows this functionallity? Alternatively, is there an aftermarket or OEM CD changer that has the MP3 capability?

Is there a way to upgrade to the "ML sound" quality? Has anyone tried it....different amp, additional speaker? I am reasonally good with auto electronics and am willing to try to improve the sound quality.

Is there an easy way to find out if the car is blue tooth capable?

One last question...read here about the 02-05 transmission hesitation issue. What is it?

Thanks for help.


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Definitely not bluetooth. Messing with the ML will definitely effect the distortion which is the best feature of it. You can find plenty of info on the hesitation. Mostly noticeable between 1-2 gear. Using high octane gas definitely will help. Hope this helps some

Perhaps, I should now consider a carputer to add the bluetooth, MP3 and DVD (if needed) capability. Anyone here done that before...any pointers? Can a carputer be added to the NAV screen?

Nav and no ML...that must have been a special order car...

Congrats on the purchase!

Thanks. I love the car so far. Its black with light interior, ventilated leather, heated seats and dark tinted windows. It has 24K miles on the clock and runs like a dream....was a corporate lease in the previous life and still has the new car smell!

Any pointers on that carputer idea? Do you think it can be done?


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