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Got My Rx350...now What?

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Finally got my RX350...what a beautiful car...

I'm planning to get the all season mat and cargo tray. Since it's my first new car, I have no idea about exterior and interior care?

I'm planning to keep the car for a good 7 years. Maybe tempted for a trade in around 3~4 years but not sure. However I want to keep the car in pristine condition for the unpredictable future.

The dealer told me the car is pre-waxed? And a friend of mine recommends a coating (sealant) on the exterior.


What kind of care care (inside and out) should I do in order to have a great looking car for years?


Since the dealership offers free car wash, I'm planning to take full advantage of that...

Happy New Years to everybody!!!

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well one way is to never drive the car :P and keep it covered in the garage

the other way to keep it nice and clean is just with a good wax, ever week probably and a clay job once a month. You should probably visit the detailing forum for better ideas. Also, leather cleaning and conditioning every week is a good idea to keep the wrinkles (that turn black) away.

Some people, mostly IS drivers, like to put the clear 3M clear bra on their hood. might want to look into that to prevent rock chips to the hood.

i would not suggest the free carwashes. First, you dont get to watch them do it like at other car washing places, and second, its a machine wash in the back...

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