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Side Marker Lights


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Thanks, I think I'm just going to hook up the front parking lights and the side marker lights to one relay. I have an electrical problem and the none of those lights work. Instead of going to the dealer to fix them I'll just use the relay. I already had them try to fix it, but didn't get anywhere the first couple hundred dollars. Not too familiar with relays but I figure I could run the park & side marker lights off of one relay.

What I was also thinking about was installing two seperate relays using the front turn signal lamps as the "switched" power source. This way I could have the side marker lights blink along with the other turn signal lights. Each side would have to have its own relay I suppose. Other than this being quite a few wires to deal with and make neat, would this work or would it put to much of a work load on the relay. I'm not sure, any ideas?

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