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Jeffrey Davis

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I finally replaced my locking lugnuts on my 98 LS400 with normal ones. If somebody wants my old locking lugnuts and tool they are welcome to them.

I imagine everybody with a Lexus has these but if you want them email me : jpdavis423@myway.com

I want $3.00 to cover shipping. They are heavy!

I'll be away until Jan. 12 so let me know by then if you are interested.


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I'm thinking of doing the same and getting rid of the locknuts. I don't understand why they're necessary in the first place as it's not as if someone is gonna steal the tires and rims (I have stock rims and Dunlops)

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I took mine off the day i bought the car.

It costs more to buy them

have them removed when you looses the lock

and can be easily lost ,broken or just magically disappearing somewhere.

But they are good to keep as a back up after changing them out instead a nut needs to be replaced.

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Yeah. I just switched to winter tires and will be switching back to my all seasons during early April, so I'm gonna ditch those locknuts then. It really makes no sense to keep them and run the risk of losing the key.

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