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Air Suspention Question


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Before getting the 98 LS400 my wife and I had a 93 LS400. Both have the optional air suspention. The 98 has just one adjustment for ride hight, while the 93 had a 2nd adjustment for damper setting (sport and normal.) A co-worker has a 430 with air suspention and that car also has the adjustable dampers. Does anyone know why Lexus took this option out of the 98? What other years had the sport/normal damper settings on the air suspention? I really miss the "sport" setting when driving in a more agressive manner as it made the car handle much better and also made it easier to go over speed bumps at about 5mph.

Also does anyone have any thoughts on the air suspention vs. regular suspention in the 400 or 430?

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There can be had an air suspension controller which will adjust the dampening factor and ride height separately with a display unit . it really makes driving amazing.

My 98 has the height adjustment but not the damper setting adjustment. Do you know if that is unique to the 98 or did they get rid of the damper control for all of gen 2.5?

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