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pondered over the thought of the springs but had to reconsider for two reasons ... it would decommision my car for a lil.. and its my only ride..(im poor and drive a lex lol) the stock suspension is fine for me untill i get my hp up to 350 and beyond to my goal because i will be doing autocross.

would like to get a strut bar installed but prolex-uk has the one ive liked the best so far and there site is down...

anyway i went with a large light kit part one... this setup is a 6 piece including but not limited too clear trunk lights (obvious), super blue led door courtsy lights with clear lens, super blue gauge light up etc.

going gold member in 2 weeks (paycheck : \ ) so pics are too come

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negative, plans are as follows

lights both interior and exterior

strut bars front and rear

body kit, hood and roof spoiler


ecu manager

turbo (around the t-60 t-66 range)

new auto tranny valve body

then some more dress up deals like grill, engine dress up things like that

however the ecu manager and turbo may come before kit and paint but will see

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