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Gas Light Question/changing The Oil/misc.


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Hi! We recently bought a 2004 RX330 and I have looked through the huge owner's manual for an answer to my question. It's very possible I just missed it so I'm hoping someone here can help.

When the gas light comes on, does anyone here know approximately how many miles I have left before I actually run out of gas? I am notorious for letting the gas light come on which I've been told I shouldn't do; I am trying to do better!

Next question is on changing the oil. In our other car, I have always had it changed every 3000 miles. Does the same apply for this Lexus? I've read anywhere from 3000 to 5000 so wanted to get your opinions. Also, I was talking to a woman at a car dealership who's son also has one of these cars. She said he was charged almost $700.00 for an oil change which to me, is extremely high. I know it's a Lexus but...

Last question; the rubber that runs around the top of the back window is messed up in a couple of places. Anyone know how much something like this will cost to be replaced or is it something that can be fixed? I know this is probably a dumb question but is something like this covered under the warranty? The car only has a little over 25,000 miles on it.

That's all the questions I have for now. Am so glad to have found this forum even though I don't understand a lot of what I've read! I do appreicate your time and help on this. Thanks so much in advance.


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How much fuel is left when the gas light comes on will vary from car to car but should be in the 2 to 3 gallon area.

Change the oil yourself, if possible, with synthetic oil and a quality filter. Using synthetic oil you will be good on oil changes for anywhere from 5k to 20k miles. 5k to 7.5k with a quality filter is pretty much guaranteed safe. The only way to tell for sure how long you can go is to have your oil analyzed.

I know our local dealer wants around $50 or $60 just for an oil change with regular dino based oil. Then they want to tack on extra stuff. I would imagine it was extras that got that ladies son.

As far as your rubber weather seal goes.....It may or may not be covered under warranty. Depends on if it is a defect or the dealer determines it was abused in some way. Anyway, you should be able to purchase it from a Lexus parts counter. I would assume it is as easy to replace as weatherstripping on any other car, which is to say it is really easy. The old stuff should just pull out and you can install the new by pushing it in place with your fingers. If that doesn't quite get it you can finish pushing it in with something rather soft and thin like a credit card, wooden school ruler, one of those plastic/rubber desert knives, etc. They do make a special tool for installing that stuff but why buy something when other household items will work just a well.

Edit -- I should have added that if you drive alot of highway miles and are thinking about stretching your oil changes beyond 10k miles you still should change the filter at 10k miles and top off the oil (roughly 1 quart).

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Hi! Thanks so much for the response and your help. I will call the dealer today and ask about the rubber seal. Whoever had this car before me seems to have taken very good care of it. Hopefully they will replace it and if not, I'm sure I can do it; it sounds pretty simple. I just noticed it the other day and it's been bugging me ever since.

As for changing the oil, not sure about that one! Like I said in the previous post, I always get the oil changed in the other car every 3K miles so I just assumed it was the same for all cars.

Anyway... thanks again for taking the time to post. I was beginning to wonder if I would get a response! Have a great weekend.


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