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How Do I Know If I Have A Faulty Starter?


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The first thing is to determine the state of the battery. Turn the headlights on high beam. Should be a very white light. If so, and trying to start does not produce engine rotation, then what noise does starting produce. If a click, loud or quiet, then more than likely the starter contacts have become fried.

If the headlights are dim, or orange or yellow in colour, then a good battery should be tried. The little battery packs don't impress me.

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hrmm, it's clicking, but my headlight is also very dim

sometimes it doesn't click, it sort of chirps.....

I may have to remove the battery and take it to autozone... do i just remove the little nuts that hold onto the clamp?

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Remove the negative terminal first, and when installing hook the negative up last.

There is a hold down bracket that you then remove and lift out the battery. Sounds like it won't pass a load test. Get a good battery, specific to the make model year of your car. Don't buy a "one size fits many" type.

It may be possible to charge your battery, but if it's more than four years old by the sticker just get a new one.

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