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Hurts So Good.....my Wallet


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So i had my waterpump,timing belt, and pulleys replaced today.....Although money is tight right after the holiday it was overdue so i felt it was a must. I'm glad i did it ,but the belt still looked new. No cracks or wear to speak of. On one hand i'm happy it's done. On the other i could've REALLY saved the money only to do it later, But somebody on here said "procrastination is like masterbation..In the end you're just !Removed! yourself" So thanks for the motivation;)

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Haha, there you go. Did you DIY?

...... That was your saying, lol! No, i didn't DIY although i do have plenty of patience and probably enough common sense i'm so busy w/ work. I had the labor done for 250.00 by this guy(THANK YOU Chi!!!) that's taken care of all of my lex's over the past 6yrs. Anywho, thanks for the push;)

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