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I just wanted to make a few comments about New Country Lexus located in Latham NY.

I recently took my IS250 AWD up for an oil change (see my oil change post for more info). Long story short they left the hood open when I picked the car up. I later called and spoke with someone about that just to let them know that this could be an issue for others, I didn't really care about putting the hood down. They were pretty upset that this happened and extended a comp for my next service, I wasn't expecting anything but an apology and I was really impressed with this.

The next related problem occurred when I walked out of my house that same night and noticed a 3 inch dent in the side of my front passenger quarter-panel (behind the wheel well and in front of the door). :chairshot: I was extremely upset as you can imagine and since I always park in open lots far away from other cars and park at my office next to a curb on the passenger side I figured out that this dent probably happened during the oil change. I called to see if the dealership and spoke to a service rep to see if they had cameras and could have possibly caught it on tape (they didn't) he then told me a number for the dent wizard (again not really happy at this point).

So later that day I get a call from the manager calls who wants to know what had happened and I explained my story. He said he couldn't prove that it didn't happen at the dealership but it seemed like it might have and that he wasn't going to squabble over a $100 fix so he said bring the car in and they would take care of the damage! :D

I am extremely satisfied with the way they have handled these two issues and will definitely keep buying my cars from this dealership, I recommend anyone else in the upstate NY area to get their car there as well!

Let's just hope this is the last of the issues!

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