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Changing Burned Out License Plate Lights


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Hello, can anybody tell me how to change the license plate light bulbs on the ES 330? I can't find any screws or access to the light bulb. Thank you.

It is actually a pain in the !Removed!. There are two and they use a twist type holder that you access from behind the trunk liner. With a flat screwdriver remove most of the plastic push pins that secure the liner to the inside of the trunk lid. Also remove the cover of the emergency handle (the glow in the dark one). This is so you can see the inner securing mechanism for the actual handle. With a large screwdrive, pop off the emergency handle off the spindle. I found that four hands help. Three hand use small screwdrivers to help push the spindles to the middle (handle pops off easier). The fourth hand uses a large screwdriver from behind to pry/push the handle off the spinde. Once this is done the liner is much free-er to swing away from the trunk itself and then you can get at the bulbs. Before you pull the liner away from the trunk lid wall, peek under the liner, there are two clips one on each side of the middle and near the bottom of the trunk edge. The liner needs to be unclipped, visual inspection will be explanitory.

Once you can freely get under the liner with room to move your hands, the lisence plate bulbs are easy to get at. Twist and they come out of there holes. Pull out buld, replace with a 2825, 168 or 194 bulb, any will work.

Put everything back together in order as you took it out. It is wicked easy, once you do it once.


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