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Help! Power Steering Fluid Spill, Car Won't Start


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I am a newbie, please be kind.

Help! I tried to flush power steering fluid on my 91 LS400 (72000 miles). The power steering fluid

accidentally poured from the reservoir and the returning hose to the alternator and soaked wet evrything uderneath the reservoir, and right front corner of the angine compartment.

Now the engine won't start, only clanks and instrumental panle lights flicks when I turn the ignition key.

1. Can I use any detergent, like EngineBrite or brake pads cleaner to wash off the PS fluid (DexonIII ATF), perhaps gas? and hose it off and wait until it all dry out?

2. Why the engine won't start? Is it because perhaps the distributor on the side

of the reservoir got wet by power steering fluid? I beilive if the fluid got the alternator wet or blew its fuse, the engine should still start. I didn't see any white smoke.

I checked fuses, seems to be OK.

Any suggestion is greatly appreciated!!

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