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Sc400 Center Brake Light


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I was "tapped" in the rear the other day at 5 to 10 mph. Little or no damage to the body or bumper. Wow, this would have destroyed a lesser car. I replaced a couple of bulbs in the taillight. I found that the center LED light was not coming on when braking. I applied voltage to the LED array and it is working. My QUESTION is; Why would this lamp not be getting current? Is there a single fuse to this light? Note all other tail lights and brake lights are working. There is a little "Tail light failure" indicator illuminated on the cluster when I turn the lights on; not just when braking. Thanks mucho. Just afraid of being hit again without my center brake light.

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my dad's LS was doing this with his tail lights where during night driving, the rear lights would be on as normal and as soon as he hit the brakes a few lights would go dark. we traced this back to several bad grounds on the socket. what i did was pull the wire out that was just pressed against the bulb housing and soldered it directly to the housing this fixed everything. i was lazy and only did only the ones that showed no continuity between the ground wire from the connector to the bulb housing, and the symptoms came back so i had to pull things appart and do the rest.

anyway long story short. you may have a broken ground wire or just plain bad continuity like what i described.

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