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Difference In Driving Feel Between The Awd And Rwd?

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Hi guys,

New to the forum. Just have a few comments/questions.

1) I'm pretty set on buying an IS 250 AWD. Problem is, of course, that living in Florida dealers rarely ever get any AWD models in. I drove a RWD and just loved it. I tried out a G35 Journey (same story, I would get a G35X, but none to test drive, so drove a RWD), and I was just more impressed by the IS 250, despite 100 less horses, and a smaller and somewhat more plain interior (off topic, but one feature that I loved on the G35 was that the entire gauge display goes tilts and goes foward with the steering wheel! Not even my Mercedes does that!). It drove like a go-kart almost, and while I was worried 204HP wasn't enough, it felt just fine. Long story short, like the topic says, is there a significant difference between the AWD and RWD in terms of how it drives? Living in Miami, chances are I will have to get an AWD drive-blind. I am totally realize that the AWD is heavier and will probably have less pick-up, but is it tuned differently? I am a "luxury guy", not a "sport guy", so I don't notice those "little differences", which is why I feel it is safe to assume the difference, to me, wouldn't be anything that would make me regret buying an AWD drive-blind.

2) The dealership I visited did have one IS 250 AWD in stock (though a test drive would have required moving, literally, at least ten other cars out of the way to get it out). It was an '06 with navigation and luxury package. They straight up they told me $34k, and seeing as that is what was originally offered, I bet I could knock off at least $1k from that (they also offered me a loaded IS 350, with 700 mi, for $35k, but it had hideous dark tinted windows and chrome wheels, and I to me the tighter handling of AWD is of greater importance than the extra horses). I think it's a good deal, it's under invoice, but the problem is I don't need the car now. I have no need for it now, and it would sit and not be driven until June. Am I right thinking it's a good deal?

3) Probably a question that is asked a lot here (I'm really surprised there is no "What Did You Pay?" sticky thread, there should be) - what should I expect to pay (AWD, NAVI, Luxury)? I've been reading around, and it seems I run into so many conflicting answers with this car. I've heard people barely getting anything off MSRP, to people getting $1,500 under invoice. If I special order, which is likely given how hard it is to get AWDs down here, is it harder to get a better deal? One thing I do know is that since I'm in Florida, I can get good deals on AWD models that people in the snowbelt don't (the look on the salesman's face when I said I want AWD, it's as if he has never heard someone say it!). Just thinking out loud here, but with the significantly more powerful '07 BMW 3-Series and Infiniti G35 models now out, I have a feeling deals on the IS 250 are going to be getting better in a segment that is very horsepower-driven.

4) Does anyone regret not getting the luxury package? Given that the heated/ventillated seats are standard on the AWD and that I am not a Xenon lights fan, I'm on the fence about it. The car comes with so much standard already, but I'm used to features like a telescoping wheel and memory seats that I have a feeling I might regret it.

Thanks for all the help guys, sorry for asking so many questions!

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