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Heck...what Have I Done?

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Hey guys. I cut the old hands free kit out of my 2000 Es300 because it didn't work with my new phone. I just snipped away at the visible wires and removed the cradle. Oops. Now the Lexus radio/CD player has absolutely no power to it, so I am having a music free new year. Any ideas on a fix, or should I take it to an auto-electrician?



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Best would be to find a wiring diagram and track it down. They've got some weird wiring with the phone stuff... I had problems when I redid my stereo in that the front right speaker is tied into the antenna power and it cut out that speaker when the antenna was disconnected... it has something to do with the hardwiring for the cell/hands-free option. I'm sure there are two wires that you cut that you need to jumper, then all will be up and running again... just finding those two wires might be a bit of a buggar.

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