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Y'all Are The Best!


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I would just like to say, you all are fantastic. Can I count the ways?

1) I just bought a 2002 RX300 AWD, and after extensive research on this site I knew to ask about transmission service and oil change history- and ended up getting a car that was Lexus serviced (PRICEY!!) every 5000 miles, including the big ones. (Based on the detailed info here, I stayed away from several questionable cars.)

2) The car needed a few things including new tires and it had the Navigation "Disc not Detected" error. I bought the car from a great dealer, who fixed everything before I bought it, and even allowed me to choose what new tires I wanted him to put on for me... so where did I turn? That's right, the forum. (I wanted the Bridgestone Alenza's or the TripleTred Fortera, but they were both backordered around here so I went with the Yokohamas.) Also, based on info here about the disc error, we ended up switching a Nav drive from a 2001 RX300 into my car, and it works like a charm. (Although it's an older disc and I'd like to upgrade... so based on the posts I've seen I think I'll wait until Feb. when the new upgrade discs are out, and buy from the Lexus Parts website.)

3) Then, my husband decided our "new" car needed to be washed and forgot to lower the antenna... so I just looked around here to find out whether or not I felt like changing it myself and to see how much it would cost.

Overall, I love the car. I wish it got better gas mileage- I'm in Boston and I get about 19.5 MPG, which is expected- but one thing that occurs to me now, is that I hadn't realized how hilly this area is- so I'm frequently at 7-8 mpg in city driving just going up local hills. I wish I was back in Chicago where it's a straightaway and I wouldn't put so much constant use on the engine! I may try an experiment using two or three tanks of 93 to see if it makes a difference, based on that thread from different drivers. I've definitely changed the way I drive (decelerate much sooner than normal, etc.) in order to use less gas.

No response required, just that I know a lot of you like to post to help other people, and for all of us who benefit from your willingness to share information and support- thank you, thank you, thank you!

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