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A Productive Day Of Diyin'


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I had the day off today so I thought ahead and had everything ready to fix some annoying problems with my LS400.

I started the day by replacing a couple of burnt out tailights and while I was at it I went ahead and replaced the license plate lights. then I moved on to the front.

I replaced the headlights with Silverstar bulbs and eliminated the yellow glass on the foglights. One of the foglights was burnt out so I replaced it with a modified H3 bulb for $5 instead of waiting for my Toyota dealer to order one for me for $20.

THe final big project was replacing the blacked out climate control LCD. This went much smoother than I expected it to. I read all the tutorials on the project and dove in. Everything went like butter and now I finally have a clear LCD.

Not bad for a morning of tinkering.

Maybe this afternoon I'll tear into my antenna.


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I replaced the LCD on my existing CC unit. I bought the LCD off of Ebay for @$120 shipped. There are 45 solder points to remove/install the new LCD. It takes time and patience, but not a whole heck of a lot of skill. Well worth doing.

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