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My Sexy Biatch


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Let me introduce myself. My name is Sherry FTW. I'm one fat !Removed! !Removed!, I eat M5's, Z06's, and SS' daily. I love it when my boss rides me hard...I love it hard. When he steps on me, I squat like a cheap !Removed!. I can run very fast though, even though I'm such a fat !Removed! (3800 lbs)...12's to be exact (like a dozen of Krispy Kremes). Yes, I get action DAILY...lucky me ;)


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I got bored of the lex. I just decided that I wanted something else to mess with. Also got tired of all the oil leak problems that jap cars were givin me. I guess I just wanted better handling, more power and a new toy.

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yeah before my time. but i was referring to the way he responded to "kit" and your response...lol the back and forth thing

Actually the cars name is K.I.T.T. ( my bad ) here is a sample.


Actually pretty korny now that I see it again... :lol::lol::lol:

Kitt never had anything on the General Lee! And if you don't believe me, I'll meet you at recess behind the tire swing, and we'll settle this.... :ph34r: :chairshot:

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He won't show.... I tied his shoe laces together in gym class.

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Oh, I've gotta ask........ What did you do? :huh:

#1 those weren't my shoes, They were the teachers. :lol: And you never showed up by the tire swing ??? What gives ? If you would have showed you would have found out what I did :P

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