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06 Newbie - Headlights Working Correctly?


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Just bought an 06 w/ nav burgundy and tan and love it a lot. World class elegance! Much better than all that road feel with my 540. I should have bought one years ago.

With the headlights, tho, I have a problem with. The distinct line at the top of the shined beam is bothersome- especially when going downhill if there is any incline ahead, the visibility is very bad. Sideways they are awesome, but the road ahead is downright dark with no diffusion going up. i realize they are super bright and this is probably a safety feature not to blind oncoming traffic and that they have a dynamic leveling system, but I still feel that this system is not yet as good as it should be- maybe they need adjusting. Anyone else experience this?

Thanks for any help

Still need ipod integration, although cassett thoughput not that bad. Have a ton to learn about this car! I appreciate this forum.

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Thanks- that's the easy solution. My driveway isn't totally flat and so I'll have my tech do it at my next service. I'm just relieved that it's not "just the way the LS430 headlights are"

Thanks again.

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