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92 Sc 400 Idle/hesitation Fix


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Hi I just posted a couple of replys to other posts for the dreaded idle and hesitation problems.....check out my reply to Applejack.....what I eventually found is that it was the Idle Air Control Valve that is located on the front of the engine under the plastic spark plug wire cover....it is about an $800 part from Lexus....but you can remove it and clean it....it gets carboned up and wont spin in and out freely and mine was stuck fully open. Once cleaned with carburetor cleaner it works like a charm. It controls the amount of vacuum your engine uses so if it is stuck or not freely moving then your idle will not be steady....Hope this helps everyone that has been pulling their hair out over this problem...now you can sit at a stop light and not have to keep your foot on the gas pedal....java script:emoticon(':)', 'smid_11')


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