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95 Sc300 Rack & Pinion Leaking


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My rack & pinion is leaking per two different mechanics. I would like to know where I can get this part outside of Lexus. I have seen several on the net for about $200 to $300 and I've been told by a mechanic that the rack & pinion part by A1 Cardone is a piece of crap and not to get it. The one to get is by Marvel (or something like that) as they make this part for Toyota. Any help you may have on this would be great. I am also looking for a mechanic that works on Lexus and knows what he's doing at a reasonable price and not dealer prices since i can get most parts online cheaper. Is this even worth fixing for a 95' year model car with $154k miles on it?

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If it is of interest I have a rack you may be able to have (approx. $190). I just had installed a new Power Steering pump and Alternator. The original diagnosis some months back was that my rack was leaking so I purchased a rack ('95 SC400) and have yet to install it. The pump dripped and fried my alternator before I got a chance. In the next few days we are going to throw it up on the lift to determine if the rack is in fact leaking or the pump was just dripping on it.

Either way I feel your pain.

I will offer this. When I sought the rack I was not concerned with the brand, but rather found there to be two different set ups. I belive one has wires running into it (perhaps with a module) that have something to do with the speed sensitive steering. I don't work on it myself and hope this is not incorrect information that leads to more confusion. Either way I spent some time and have the correct rack.

In regard to the worth of the practice know that it is no small job in reference to paying someone else. I have a good friend who is my tech. and cuts me a very fair deal but if I recall correctly he estimated it at a 3-4hr. job start to finish and that it is, "no fun". Find a competent Import tech and they should be able to do it.

My concern with not replacing it (113k miles) was that it would shorten the life of the PS pump and did not want to leave spots on friends driveways. It is a value judgement involving how long you intend to keep the car and the present expense. If the car is in uniquely fine condition you might drive it to 200k.

I will post again shortly with an update. Hope this helped.

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