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Is 5,000 Mile Oil Change Complimentary?

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The first oil change is free if the car is new. Only that first 5,000 mile oil change is free. They rotate the tires as well. The remainder of the oil changes will cost you your first born. Lexus would love to get everyone in the "dealer oil change" habit.

Somebody might skip the first free oil change if they live far from a dealer, want to do their own work, don't trust the dealer, want to be absolutely sure it is done correctly (and the panels put back correctly), or want to use a special oil or filter.

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my dealership offers two years of free maintenance and oil changes.

that sounds good until you realize that lexus used to offer free lifetime oil changes. my parents had an '93 LS that they never paid for oil changes on. in fact, i think the lady that t-boned my mom a couple of years ago was sent to keep any more free oil changes from going out. once they bought a new LS, all that went away.

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