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98 Gs300 Tail Lights

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These are all over Ebay now for like $300. I hear that after installing these, the light on your dash stays on. Anybody had experience with these? Are these junk? If the bulbs go out, can you go to like autozone or pep boys and easily replace?

read first:


led bulbs should last you a long time, but if you were to replace 1, it will not be easy. you will have to take apart the whole housing (bake method) in order to be able to unsolder the burnt out led and resolder a new one.

ALSO: FYI - these lights are illegal for public roads/highways. there are no reflectors within the tail lamps. there seems to be a different company that do have reflectors, but still considered illegal. i don't think any of these aftermarket tail lamps have a DOT number to back it up.

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