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How To Use Ipod?

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How can an ipod be used in this car? I saw some post about an input. If so, is this just an input from the headphone jack or is there abililty to use the docking port output for better quality?

I was at the dealer today and learned there is some connection in the center console. Can someone also describe more on this connection and how integrated it is with the Navigation system. I currently am using a VAIS box behind the dash to control my ipod with the Navigation, but it does not work that well.

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Nothing more than just an AUX audio input jack. See page 311 in your owners manual. You can only control volume through the vehicles audio controls.

I don't have the car, so no manual.

So the question is, does the cable attach to the ipod dock connector or the headphone port.

Follow up question - will the ipod pause when a phone call comes in or is being initiated?

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Cable will connect through your headphone connector. Don't think your ipod will pause during a call. I believe the system will mute the audio system and voice guidance on the navigation system during a call. Theres no interaction between the audio system and your ipod. You can't skip, fast forward, pause, etc your ipod through the audio system.

Personally, I'm not too crazy about the setup. GM also uses a regular audio connection, but at least they put it on the front dash next to the audio system. That way I can add a satellite radio unit or ipod and still interact with it. With the Lexus setup I would have to take out the ipod to turn it on, off, play, stop, ff, skip, etc.

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I downloaded some tunes from my Ipod thru this port to the hard drive. It worked well but there is no intergration.

I have a new 460 and love it!

How did you download from iPod to hard drive?

I had to insert each cd to record to hdd.

The electronics are amazing and some what complicated, (i.e. loading phone book from cell phone)


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