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Installing Rear Shocks


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the book is wrong on that part you do not have to take out the half shaft, itll slide down fairly easy, good luck

I replaced them on my '92 without removing the half-shafts. You should undo the upper end of the sway bar link, you'll need that room to get the bolt out from the bottom of the shock. Once you get the shock unbolted from the top and bottom, rotate it 90 degrees....then slip the end down past halfshaft as far as you can, then pull the top out toward you.

Either hold the shock in one hand and work the carrier up and down with the other, or hold the shock in both hands and have someone else work the carrier up and down to slip it past the halfshaft. It's not that hard and will save you a ton of time.

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I have the tutorial for doing the front shocks but really can't find much on the rears. Do I need to compress the springs?

I recently changed all four shocks/struts on my '96 LS400 and I did NOT have to remove the rear half shafts. The rear shocks were very easy to do. Actually, the hardest part was getting to the bolts (that hold the strut bearing) behind the rear seats and under the rear deck. The work by the wheel was very straighforward. And compressing the rear springs was easier than compressing the front springs.

BTW, I used all genuine Lexus parts - struts, spring isolators, and strut bearings for front and rear.

Even the front struts were pretty easy, just make sure you use the little tie rod puller on the front. No special tools, other than a generic spring compressor, are needed for the rear shocks.

Hope this helps.

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